Churches closed due to Coronavirus: the protest of Catholics on the eve of Ash Wednesday

Churches closed due to Coronavirus: the protest of Catholics on the eve of Ash Wednesday

Lent begins on Wednesday, but for the Coronavirus emergency in Northern Italy, many churches will remain closed. Many Catholics applaud the choice, others protest. Among the most perplexed was the bishop of Verona, who adapted but did not agree with the choice of the Veneto Region and, also as a sign of protest, gave the order that all the bells of the diocese ring at 6 pm.

Monsignor Zenti, bishop of Verona: the churches will remain closed, but he has given orders that every day at 6 pm all the bells of the diocese should ring.

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In almost all of Northern Italy religious celebrations have been suspended, despite the fact that Lent begins on Wednesday. The bishops of important cities such as Milan, Turin, Verona, Venice have decided to avoid the possibility of contagion among the faithful by canceling daily masses, moving baptisms and giving strict provisions for weddings and funerals, ordering that they take place in front of very few people. Also canceled the Easter blessings in the homes, the catechism meetings, the afternoon oratories dedicated to children. Many praised these decisions, which instead were harshly contested by Catholic personalities and groups.

One of the most vibrant protests is that of the Catholic journalist Costanza Mirianoauthor of the bestseller “Marry him and be submissive”. “I believe that the suspension of masses in Lombardy is a serious decision, I’m sure it was taken to respect health standards, but I personally believe it keeps us alive – also physically – pmore the body of Christ than any other cure. Churches for weekday masses are probably the least crowded places I frequent. So, even following the comments, I point out that as long as the metro, bars, supermarkets and all workplaces in Lombardy remain open, it makes no sense to ban masses, which should be the last thing to be prohibited, being the comparison with the Manzoni plague, at the moment, fortunately really disproportionate. “

It also expresses itself along the same lines Riccardo Bonacinaeditor of Vita, the most important newspaper entirely dedicated to the world of non-profit, which speaks very harshly against the archbishop of Milan Mario Delpini, who “It makes no sense to allow people to go to the subway or to a restaurant and ban them from attending mass.” Bonacina, known for his moderation, makes a direct appeal to Monsignor Delpini: “Dear bishop, disobey if it has been imposed on you, or find the reason if it was the result of your choice.” Bonacina also makes a sort of lay prayer: “May the Lord inspire the Fontana and Speranza of the moment because they need it very much, but inspire her too and make her understand that it is a ridiculous, senseless measure. But not only that, also humiliating for those who believe, for those who seek an encounter with the Eucharist every day. You know and should teach you when a personal encounter with Christ in the Eucharist is important. And then you don’t forbid it. The prohibition of her will leave the field open to the prophets of doom and to those who talk about the beginning of the Apocalypse from Paracattoliche Radio. Dear Delpini, think again and give the Eucharist back to those who seek it every day. “

Covid in Lombardy, today 18,180 new cases and 28 deaths, 5,480 infections in Milan: bulletin of July 19

In Verona, the provision for the closure of churches in compliance with the will of the Minister of Health and the Region is not signed by the archbishop, Monsignor Zenti, but by his vicar. The diocese, therefore, also to make its voice heard, has decided to close the churches but to make its voice heard with the bells: In fact, the parish priests were ordered to play them every evening at 6 pm. From Wednesday, the first day of Lent, Bishop Zenti will recite the rosary and celebrate Holy Mass in the cathedral, privately, guaranteeing the transmission of the liturgy live on Telepace and through the diocese’s website.

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