Minors celebrating Daniele Civale: a new priest ordained after 48 years

Minors celebrating Daniele Civale: a new priest ordained after 48 years

Minors celebrating Daniele Civale: a new priest ordained after 48 years. Daniele Civale on 30 June he was ordained a priest at the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea in Amalfi, and for the first time, yesterday 3 July, he presided over the Eucharistic celebration in the Basilica.

“Dear fellow citizens, dear Daniele, I address my greeting to all of you, full of emotion because this Basilica has welcomed a new priest from Minori after 48 years. 48 years ago Father Vincenzo Criscuolo was ordained and a memory also goes to Don Giovanni Bertella who was ordained in 1955 – said the mayor of Minori, Andrea Reale -. Obviously this emotional charge is amplified by the fact that I saw Daniele grow and form, also sharing the passion we have for the theater “.

“I remember your artistic performances in the Bottega delle Arti, but also your participation in the Gusta Minori, if I’m not mistaken the last one at the Roman Villa for the staging of Imperium. Then your decision in 2015 to enter the seminary. Since then we have always followed you in all the stages that led you to last June 30th in the Cathedral of Amalfi, to your presbyteral consecration ”.

“I want to address a respectful greeting to Mons. Michele Fusco, who wished to be present at this solemn celebration, to all the priests, deacons and seminarians present, both from our Diocese and from other neighboring dioceses. I want to address a very special greeting to Gerardo and Mena, to whom I have been linked with feelings of friendship and esteem for many years. To you, the thanks of the Community of Minors ”.

“Dear Daniel, wherever Providence will lead you, whatever road you take, know that your home will always be here. This Church, which you served as a minister for so many years, has now welcomed you as a priest “, assured the mayor.

“Returning to the theater, you have learned that emotions and messages are transmitted with the body. Thursday in Amalfi I was particularly excited when I saw your mother Mena drying your hands after the Bishop had anointed you with the oil. Hands are a very important part of the body: with your hands you consecrated the bread and wine today, with your hands you will anoint the foreheads of the children you will baptize, with your hands you will give forgiveness to penitents, with your hands you will distribute Communion, with your hands you will anoint the suffering body of the sick, with your hands you will bless lifeless bodies accompanying them to the passage of eternal life. We wish you to use these hands to do good to anyone you meet, caress faces that may be streaked with tears and suffering, lift people who have fallen and are waiting for someone to help them get up. Use your consecrated hands to bless and do good, favoring the least and the forgotten by society “.

“Dear Daniele, be a Priest especially outside the walls of the Church, we need it so much. Thus, wherever you go, you will honor our Minori who is honored to have you as her fellow citizen. Greetings Daniel and may the Lord continue to fill you with all grace “, concluded the mayor.

Minors celebrating Daniele Civale: a new priest ordained after 48 years