Scandal in the Vatican, Cardinal Becciu defends himself: “Absurd and monstrous accusations against me. The Pope believes in my innocence “

Scandal in the Vatican, Cardinal Becciu defends himself: “Absurd and monstrous accusations against me. The Pope believes in my innocence “

Scandal in the Vatican – “I never wanted that one euro indeed a penny of which I have had management or even alone knowledge was distracted, misused or destined for purposes that were not exclusively institutional. I have always acted for Apostolic See’s sake and the whole Church ”. Thus the cardinal defended himself Angelo Becciu before the Vatican Tribunal in the trial that sees him accused of embezzlement, abuse of office also in competition and subornation, or, according to the prosecution, having tried to influence the testimony considered key by the prosecutors of the Holy See, of Monsignor Alberto Perlasca.

For the first time, the cardinal took the floor in the courtroom during the tenth hearing of the procedure on the financial investments of the State Secretariat. Never before had he been a cardinal sent for trial to the Vatican Tribunal made up of lay magistrates and not cardinals. A new practice was introduced by Pope Francesco with a legislative provision issued during the investigations on the purchase of the London palace by the Secretariat of State.

“I confess to you – said Cardinal Becciu ai magistrates – that it is not easy for me to take the word and defend mine integrity here. I was preceded by a media massacre Without precedents. Billed as the worst of cardinals. A violent and vulgar campaign. All kinds of accusations with a worldwide echo. I have been described as a corrupt man. Greedy for money. Unfair to the Pope. Concerned only with the welfare of my parent’s family members. They insinuated infamy on the integrity of my priestly life, having financed witnesses in a trial against a brother, even being the owner of oil wells or tax havens ”.

And she added: “I declare mine availability total to seek and tell the truth with you. I am not afraid of it. On the contrary, I want the truth to be proclaimed as soon as possible. I owe it to my consciousness. I owe it to my former collaborators, to all the men of the Curia to the ecclesial communities that have known me as the Pope’s delegate for the beatification of numerous servants of God and in the numerous countries, I have served during my diplomatic service. I owe it to my family. I owe it to the whole Church. I owe it above all to Santo Padrewho recently claimed to believe in my innocence ”.

Scandal in the Vatican

The cardinal then answered the questions of the president of the Vatican Tribunal, Giuseppe Pignatone regarding the accusation on the funds sent, when he was substituted for the Secretariat of State, to the diocese of Ozieri and to Cooperative Spesmanaged by Caritas and legally represented by the brother of the cardinal, Antonino.

Becciu explained “that the first contribution, for 25 thousand euros in 2015, requested by the bishop of Ozieri, was used to restart the production of a charitable bakery, conceived by the diocese, in agreement with the local Caritas, which was destroyed in a fire, as part of the social inclusion project ‘The bread of the last’, thanks to which over fifteen disadvantaged workers have been able to support themselves and their families for years.

The second contribution of 100 thousand euros in 2018, was paid, again in response to requests from the bishop of Ozieri, to support the construction of a multifunctional center, called ‘Citadel of charity, aimed at hosting, among other things, Caritas offices, assistance to the elderly and to refugees. This center, after a long phase of fundraising by the diocese of Ozieri, saw the start of work just last February 28th “. Finally, Pignatone announced that the promoter of justice added, Alessandro Diddi“. Due to Covid and other problems related to his office”, was unable to proceed with the interrogation of the cardinal which will take place at the hearing on April 6.

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