The prayers of the Our Father and Glory change: the new mandatory versions from Easter 2021

The prayers of the Our Father and Glory change: the new mandatory versions from Easter 2021

Pope Francis received the new Roman Missal in the Vatican this morning, which will be mandatory from Easter 2021, but parish priests will be able to use it immediately. Changed the Eucharistic Prayers. Among the most important innovations for the faithful, the changes to the prayers of the Our Father and of the Gloria.

The prayers of the Our Father and Glory change the

Small revolution in Vatican: today was presented to Pope francesco the new Roman Missal which contains, among the most important innovations, the new versions of the prayers of “Our father” he was born in “Gloria”. The liturgical book, delivered into the hands of the Pontiff at the end of the audience granted to the president of the Cei, the cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, it will be made available in the coming weeks to the Italian Bishops and to the parishes. It can be used as soon as it is published and will become mandatory from the next one Easter Sunday, that is to say from 4 April 2021. “The book of the Missal – explained Bassetti – is not only a liturgical instrument, but a precise and normative reference that preserves the richness of the living tradition of the Church, its desire to enter the paschal mystery, to implement it in celebration and to translate it into life “.

After the approval of the bishops’ plenary in November 2018, the new Italian edition, the third, of the Roman Missal obtained Bergoglio’s ok last year. The Pontiff approved the promulgation after the positive judgment of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. The changes come at the end of a journey that lasted over 17 years. Among the innovations introduced, there are translations that are more effective and faithful to the original meaning of the “Our Father” and “Gloria”. In the first, the invocation: “Do not take us in tentation“is replaced by”Do not abandon us to temptation“and expression “how we put them back“a” is addedalso“:” as well as us … “. As for the” Gloria “, however,”Peace on earth to men of good will“is replaced by the new wording:”Peace on earth to men, loved by the Lord“. If these are the main changes that concern the assembly of the faithful, other changes that concern priests are also announced, also for example in the Eucharistic Prayers, namely those of the consecration of bread and wine.


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