It’s My First Time Getting Married: What Should I Expect?

It’s My First Time Getting Married: What Should I Expect?

Raise your hand if you’re walking down the aisle for the first time soon! It’s My First Time Getting Married: What Should I Expect? Getting married is so thrilling. But when it’s your first wedding, it’s normal to feel a blend of sheer excitement and some anxiety too.

I still remember when my cousin Leah got engaged. As her maid of honor, I wanted to help her feel prepared for the big day. We spent hours chatting about everything she could expect. Now that your time has come, I’m sharing the wisdom I wish I knew as a first-time bride.

It's My First Time Getting Married

Say “Yes” to the Perfect Dress

Every bride dreams about that special moment when they discover the ideal gown. But dress shopping is also super overwhelming if you’ve never done it before!

When my friend Emily got married last year, she felt paralyzed by the options. She tried on what felt like 100 dresses but still wasn’t sure. Thankfully her mom told her – the perfect dress makes you brim with confidence. Don’t just settle for a look you think you “should” pick. Find one that makes you beam when you look in the mirror!

Fellow brides – did you have an “aha!” moment when you found your dress? Share your story below in the comments!

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Get Ready to Party at the Rehearsal Dinner

Before the big day, the groom’s family traditionally hosts a rehearsal dinner after you practice the ceremony. Use this intimate party to thank your wedding crew.

My husband Sam loves board games. For our rehearsal dinner, we invited people over for a game night with pizza and beer. We had so much fun laughing and celebrating together before the serious wedding prep kicked in.

Think about your personality and interests – what type of bash would you and your groom enjoy? Brides, does a themed dinner sound fun or stressful? Let me know your thoughts!

Breathe Through Those Wedding Day Jitters

Even chill brides-to-be experience some pre-wedding anxiety. A million thoughts race through your mind: What if it rains? Will my makeup get smudged? Is my ex going to show up?!

My anxiety was through the roof on my wedding morning. When we got in an accident on the way to the venue, I thought I’d pass out! But my bridesmaids helped talk me off the ledge.

Here’s what worked for me – tune out the what-ifs and get present. Take deep breaths. Visualize the joyful moments. Lean on your bridal tribe’s support. Focus on the love that matters most.

For other anxious brides out there – how did you get through wedding day nerves? Share your tips and tricks below!

Glide Through Your First Dance

Swaying across the floor for your first dance feels straight out of a rom-com. But if you’ve got two left feet, the idea of choreographing moves can be daunting!

My husband still jokes about our disastrous first dance at our wedding. We planned this elaborate routine but forgot half the steps and ended up just winging it. We couldn’t stop laughing on the dance floor.

The moral of the story – don’t feel pressure to perform a complex number. Pick a song with meaning and let the music guide you. Stay present in the moment with your new partner. However goofy and imperfect it is, you’ll always remember it.

For brides still choosing their song – what meaningful tunes are at the top of your first dance list? Let’s chat about our favorites!

Keep Perspective Amidst the Planning Stress

It’s so easy to get caught up in the wedding planning churn. Every bride wants a Pinterest-perfect celebration. But don’t become so obsessed with details that you forget what’s most important – your love and new chapter ahead.

No matter how smoothly you plan, something will likely go awry. If you lose perspective, you might melt down. My advice – roll with the unexpected punches and find the humor when possible. Your wedding day sets the tone for your marriage. Focus on joy and gratitude, not perfection.

My maid of honor gave me that advice, and it resonated when our caterer was 3 hours late! Brides, how do you plan to stay present and grounded when wedding stress hits? Share your tips below.

In Conclusion

Getting married for the first time is magical and also nerve-wracking! My best advice – appreciate each special moment along the way. Lean on other brides who’ve been there before. Stay focused on your love, not perfection. Before you know it, you’ll be riding off into the happily ever after you’ve always dreamed of!

I’d love to hear from other first-time brides in the comments – what are you most excited or anxious about? What advice do you have for brides-to-be? Let’s chat!