The Evolution, History, and Purpose of Fundamentalism in the Modern World

The Evolution, History, and Purpose of Fundamentalism in the Modern World

The fundamentalist world is difficult to understand. Fundamentalism, by definition, claims that there is one and only one interpretation of the truth and that it is the duty of all to uphold this truth. This worldview can be seen as a form of religious fundamentalism, but not all religious fundamentalists are fundamentalists in the full sense of the word.

The first fundamentalist movement was started in the 18th Century. It was originated from Protestant Christianity and it had an aim to keep Christianity as a pure religion without any superstitions or external influences such as Catholicism or Islam.

At first, fundamentalism spread through American churches and sects before reaching Europe and other parts of the world where it also had its followers.

This movement attracted many people who were seeking a return to Christian teachings and values which

What is Fundamentalism?

Purpose of Fundamentalism
Purpose of Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism can be defined as a movement or tendency within a religion, especially Christianity, that places strict emphasis on adherence to the basic principles of the religion, and is usually characterized by a strict literal interpretation of religious texts.

The roots of Fundamentalism can be traced back to the late 1800s in the United States. A series of authors and theologians wrote books that emphasized a return to the fundamentals of Christianity.

The first wave of Fundamentalism arose as a reaction to liberal theology and Biblical

Fundamentalism is a movement in some religions that attempts to return to what they view as the fundamental or foundational principles of a religious tradition.

The term is most often applied to a fundamentalist form of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The term also extends to movements in other religions. It has been used, for example, with respect to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism.

How Common is it Today?

Purpose of Fundamentalism
Purpose of Fundamentalism

This movement is being led by a group of women who are determined to have their voices heard. They are protesting the injustices that they face in society, which include sexual harassment, abuse, violence, racism, and more.

Fundamentalism is a religious movement characterized by strict adherence to an interpretation of scripture and an insistence on this view as the sole object of faith and practice.

The word fundamentalist has been used to refer to a specific religious group since the late 1920s. It was originally used to refer to those Christians who emphasized the fundamentals of their faith, which were summarised in a series of essays written by A.C. Dixon and published in 1909 under the title “The Fundamentals.”

“Fundamentalism” is viewed as being related to, but different from, Evangelicalism. Evangelicals are seen as being primarily concerned about converting non-believers, while fundamentalists are more likely to be involved in defending their own beliefs against other Christians or other religions.

What Fundamentalists Believe


Fundamentalism is a belief system that adheres to the idea that the Bible is the authoritative word of God. It is a movement that opposes liberal theology and secularism. Fundamentalists believe that the Bible is the word of God and is free from error. They also believe that all people, regardless of race, nationality, or economic status, are equal before God and should be treated as such by society and government.

Some examples of Fundamentalists

Fundamentalists are people who believe that a specific text or person has absolute truth. It is often the case that fundamentalists will only follow one text, such as the Bible or Quran, which is their ‘absolute truth.’ They will often use this text to be the basis of their values and moral code.

There are many types of fundamentalists, but they all share some key values. Fundamentalists believe in the absolute truth of their religious texts. They believe that secular society has failed to create a just and moral society, and the only way to do so is through strict adherence to their interpretation of scripture. The goal of fundamentalists is usually to preserve these core values in society by eliminating anything or anyone who threatens them.

How Fundamentalists Use Religion to Support Their Cause

Purpose of Fundamentalism

Fundamentalists use religion to back up their cause. They find evidence within religious texts and oral tradition to support the idea that they are fighting for a righteous cause.

Fundamentalists construct a narrative of scripture, theology, and history in order to make sense of their world. In the past, this was done through Biblical studies and the study of sacred texts. Nowadays, it is common for fundamentalist religion to be constructed through social media posts and YouTube videos.

Why Do People Become Fundamentalists?


In the September 11th Attacks, fundamentalist Muslims were the ones who hijacked four planes and flew them into buildings. This is a prime example of how people get radicalized. In order to prevent future attacks, it is important to know what leads people to become fundamentalists in order to stop this radicalization process.

The common reasons for converting are: experiencing discrimination in society, feeling like the country they live in doesn’t value their faith, looking for a sense of identity in their faith, or wanting to fight oppression.

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