Getting to Know Lance Ray Christensen, California’s Rising Political Star

Getting to Know Lance Ray Christensen, California’s Rising Political Star

California has seen its fair share of career politicians over the years. But Lance Ray Christensen is hoping to shake things up this November with his bid for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Unlike the typical stuffy policy wonk, Christensen brings a real-world perspective to the table. He’s a fired-up parent of five, not some think-tank nerd. And with nearly 20 years navigating California’s complex political system, he’s more than ready to hit the ground running if elected.

Let’s take a closer look at Christensen’s journey from volunteer dad to potential head of California’s school system.

Lance Ray Christensen

The Early Days

Long before becoming a Capitol insider, Christensen was just a concerned father looking to improve his kids’ education. He started by getting involved with his local school district, serving on budget and facilities committees.

It was eye-opening getting into the weeds of school funding and operations. Christensen realized the power of policy to make real change. And he wasn’t afraid to speak up when things didn’t seem right.


From Volunteer Dad to Budget Wonk

Eager to have more impact, Christensen set his sights on Sacramento. He got his foot in the door working for the Department of Finance in the mid-2000s.

As Assistant Budget Analyst, Christensen dug into the nitty gritty details of how money flows in California. He made sure juvenile detention facilities got adequate funding for education programs. Not exactly glamorous work, but critical to ensuring schools serve at-risk youth.

After a few years of crunching numbers, Christensen shifted to environmental policy consulting. He worked alongside Senators reviewing legislation, negotiating amendments, and analyzing impacts.

Some may dismiss Christensen as just another bureaucrat. But he earned valuable insider know-how on how bills become laws in California.

Lance Ray Christensen

Right-Hand Man to a Senator

By 2015, Christensen was ready for the big leagues – serving as Chief of Staff for Senator John Moorlach. He spent 5 years as Moorlach’s senior advisor and right-hand man.

This high-stakes role allowed Christensen to shape policy directly. He crafted Moorlach’s strategic agenda and messaging. And he built connections with key political players on both sides of the aisle.

Christensen helped advance Moorlach’s priorities – like expanding charter schools and reforming California’s debt-ridden public pension systems. Not afraid to take on big challenges.

Back to His Roots

After his stint as Chief of Staff, Christensen returned full circle to education policy. He took a position with a conservative think tank, advocating for parental rights and local control of schools.

He also provides training for parents interested in running for local school boards. Who better to shape education policy than moms and dads who invest in their kids’ futures?

Christensen hasn’t forgotten his journey from concerned parent volunteer to policy insider. He wants to help other parents make their voices heard.

Superintendent Showdown

Now Christensen aims to unseat California’s incumbent Superintendent Tony Thurmond. He believes parents and students need a champion in Sacramento.

Christensen knows it won’t be easy. But with decades of political experience under his belt, he just might have what it takes to shake up the education establishment.

Win or lose this November, one thing’s for sure – you can expect to hear more from Lance Ray Christensen. He’s a rising star who speaks from the heart, not just talking points. And California education could certainly use a fresh perspective from someone like him.

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