Yellow in the Vatican, Ratzinger: “The book on celibacy of priests is not mine”. Cardinal: “He knew”

Yellow in the Vatican, Ratzinger: “The book on celibacy of priests is not mine”. Cardinal: “He knew”

Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger has officially asked to withdraw his signature and his name from the controversial book by Cardinal Robert Sarah in which Benedict XVI once again lashed out against married loans. Ratzinger claims that he has not given authorizations to publish the book in his name but the cardinal replies: “Benedict XVI knew”

Yellow in the Vatican Ratzinger The book on celibacy of

There is tension in the Vatican where the pope emeritus has been in recent hours Joseph Ratzinger officially asked to collect his signature and his name from the discussed Cardinal Robert Sarah’s book in which Benedict XVI once again lashed out against married loans, recalling the importance of celibacy among Catholic religious. The announcement came from the prefect of the Papal Household Monsignor George Gaenswein after the first press rumors. “I can confirm that this morning on the advice of the Pope Emeritus I asked Cardinal Robert Sarah to contact the publishers of the book, asking them to remove the name of Benedict XVI as co-author of the book itself and also to remove his signature from the introduction and conclusions” Gaenswein explained.

After all, the news of Pope Ratzinger’s stance had sparked not a few controversy in the Holy See where for days there had been the aftermath of a surprise public intervention by the Pontiff emeritus after years of silence. Benedict XVI himself, however, did not deny his words but wanted to clarify that he had not given any authorization to publish a book with his name and his signature. “The Pope Emeritus knew that the cardinal was preparing a book and had sent his text on the priesthood authorizing him to make use of it as he wanted. But he hadn’t approved any plans for a book with a double signature nor had he seen and authorized the cover “, explained Monsignor Gaenswei, adding:” It was a misunderstanding without questioning the good faith of Cardinal Sarah. The text that Benedict sent to the cardinal is a text of him that remains but he is not the author of the other texts “.

A position that however did not please the person concerned, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments Robert Sarah. In a tweet. the cardinal in fact published the letters received from Ratzinger on the subject, commenting: “I solemnly declare that Benedict XVI knew that our project would take the form of a book. I sincerely forgive all those who slander me or who want to put me in opposition to Pope Francis. My attachment to Benedict XVI remains intact and my obedience to Pope Francis absolute ”.

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“On October 12, during the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon, Benedict XVI confidentially handed me a long text that is the fruit of his work in the previous months”, Sarah said explaining that he proposed to Ratzinger the publication of a book together. “The Pope emeritus – the cardinal’s note continues – on November 25 he expressed his great satisfaction with the text drawn up together. “” Considering the controversy that has provoked the publication of the work ‘From the depths of our hearts’, it has been decided that the author of the book will be: ‘Card. Sarah with the contribution of Benedict XVI ‘. On the other hand, the complete text remains absolutely unchanged “, concluded the cardinal