Amalfi, Mons. Orazio Soricelli’s message to tourists: “Welcome among us”

Amalfi, Mons. Orazio Soricelli’s message to tourists: “Welcome among us”

On the occasion of this summer, the archbishop of Amalfi-Cava de ‘Tirreni Mons. Orazio Soricelli sends a letter ”to tourists who will choose the Amalfi coast for their holidays: “Dear tourists, be “welcome” among us! You’re coming on holiday or for experiences and tourist trips on the Amalfi Coast, living in our houses and structures for a few days of vacation, makes us happy and gives us confidence. We all need it, after the uncertain and difficult season due to the Covid-19 situation. Shooting time for everyone and everything!

Meeting in the context of the natural beauties of this divine strip of land from Campania, where the gaze is lost between the green of the Lattari mountains and the crystalline blue of the wonderful coastal sea, allows us to rediscover the value of living together and to participate in making the context of human experience in its environmental, cultural, social, ethical and religious features is healthier and more respected.

We would like to reassure you that our parish communities – these days – are also your community of faith, hope, and charity. Together we will celebrate the Eucharist, to find ourselves rooted in the Passover of Jesus.
Where it will be possible, the churches will remain open for prayer, moments of reflection, meditation, and gratitude for the beauty of creation and the works of art that embellish our churches.

Happy to be able to share the gifts of nature and the richness of traditions, together we want to rediscover the value of hope for a better world because we are convinced by Pope Francis that worse than this crisis, there is only the drama of wasting it “.

On behalf of the Christian communities that will host you, I wish you to enjoy the gift of the newness of life to which the Gospel always invites and guides.
With the blessing of the Lord ».