Piano di Sorrento, Don Pasquale blesses the boys who will face the final exams tomorrow: “We are waiting for you all to return winners”

Piano di Sorrento, Don Pasquale blesses the boys who will face the final exams tomorrow: “We are waiting for you all to return winners”

Piano di Sorrento. Tomorrow morning, June 22, over 500 thousand students in the last year of high school will be engaged in writing in Italian and will start the final exam 2022 which, after the pandemic, returns with the two written tests in the presence plus the oral one. It is the famous night before exams, made of fear and emotion.

And tonight, in the Basilica of San Michele Arcangelo the end of the Eucharistic celebration Don Pasquale Irolla wanted to bless the children of the parish who tomorrow will face the first test of maturity. And so he made them go up to the altar and, before marking them one by one with a cross on their foreheads, he addressed these words to them: “We look at you on this night before exams. It is the night of passing from one age to another, from having everything comfortable to facing alone. We look into each other’s eyes to encourage you, to tell you that we await you all winners again.

This is the night you need to rest because tomorrow you will have a lot of energy to consume. Tomorrow all the notions will be released, the thoughts buried and unearthed for centuries within you so it is good that you now remove everything from notes, diagrams, and anything else to make your thoughts settle down because you are asked for a personal word. The baccalaureate exam is not remembering what is written in the book.

The vote will say nothing about your person. You can be a realized person and get 60 or a failure tomorrow and get 100 today and then get lost in college, go from love to love, and get lost.
The expectations that you feel behind the backs of our generation go and throw in the toilet because now what you are is emerging.

I wish you to come out bright. This is a birth, it is worth it, you will learn many things. Above all it is nice that from tonight onwards you begin to test yourselves because it is true that we are together on the altar, you are together as friends, but then there are moments when you are alone in life and it is the exams, they are the decisive choices.

Where God sustains you from the depths of your heart, inspiring you, giving you strength.
Certainly, I wish you that you can come out victors, play all that is buried within you, that desire for God that I wish you can emerge and be happy. And this calls for suffering, desire, constancy, and even play. The baccalaureate is a game. I bless you and I promise you that tonight I pray for you to review yourself until you come back here and say: “It was good, it went well” ».