Piano di Sorrento, Don Pasquale Irolla transferred to Capri? Ten years ago, the patronage was attempted

Piano di Sorrento, Don Pasquale Irolla transferred to Capri? Ten years ago, the patronage was attempted

Let’s go back to the story Don Pasquale Irolla broke out a few weeks ago. This is the news according to which the parish priest of Piano di Sorrento it seems he is destined to move to Capri at the end of the season. The news was not anticipated by Positanonews, even if Positanonews was the first and only newspaper to follow the story. In February they wrote it on a blog, attributing this transfer to the political commitment of the Carottese parish and of the Archconfraternity and Parish Center in favor of Salvatore Cappiello through the current Prime Minister Giovanni Ruggiero. That the Church had taken the field determining the defeat of Vincenzo Iaccarino, who otherwise would have won the elections, is a thesis affirmed in a pamphlet also by the Carottese journalist Vincenzo Califano, from blogs and social networks, but from here to determine the transfer wants . According to circles close to the Church, it is not attributed to this, but the reason is not known either. We specify that there is no official status, but unofficially all ecclesiastical circles know it, we, we repeat, have done nothing but collect these rumors when they have become insistent and numerous. And, above all, do not deny anyone.

The decision from the Vatican

A decision believed to come from Bishop Francesco Alfano of the Diocese of Sorrento – Castellammare di Stabia but now this choice is attributed to “Strong powers” of Vatican City. These are still rumors. Meanwhile, the community of Piano does not want to let go of its reference figure so easily in favor of a parish priest of Castellammare of Stabia. But without bothering Rome, Alfano has always been against keeping a parish priest in one place for too many years, but, many do not know, Don Paquale and many others are not parish priests.

In Piano di Sorrento, and Sant’Agnello, there are no parish priests but only administrators

In reality, in some parishes of the Sorrento Peninsula, whoever is elected is a parish priest. The de facto end of the Jus Patronatus was decreed by Bishop Alfano. He did not repeal it, there are simply no parish priests, but administrators. The Giuspatronato cannot be abrogated because it is foreseen in the code of canon law, Alfano has in fact disapplied, not violating the code but finding the trick to appoint administrators. Don Pasquale has been one since 2006… the previous parish priest Don Arturo, who managed to build a consensus and enormous influence, was moved, even if elected, because he became a bishop, otherwise he would have remained forever. Now he is Bishop of Avellino, but the umbilical cord with his Piano di Sorrento has never severed.

10 years ago the Giustpatronato

At this point a question would spontaneously arise: why not invoke the ius patronatus, better known in its non-Latin expression “Giustpatronato”? What we know only Mimmo Cinque has raised the problem. It seemed that only Domenico Cinque protested in truth we were told this morning, but without wanting to make official statements or interviews, it is that since the time when Don Pasquale obtained the custody of the parish in place of Don Arturo Aiello later becoming bishop, the Archconfraternity tried to exercise the Just Patronage 10 years ago, without success. Already the bishop of that time stopped everything, in fact, he feared a electoral earthquake as happened with Mortora, where a parish priest who was not liked by the then bishop was elected, so he decided not to renew the ius patronatus. Alfano has solved the problem forever, leaving all administrators.

What is the Just Patronage?

Il giuspatronato it is the right of “patronage” on the ecclesiastical benefit that existed in the past which concerned the juridical recognition of the Church of this “control”. The just patronage was due to those who constituted the patrimonial dowry of the benefit at the time of its foundation or subsequently increased it, as well as to its legitimate successors. This right could be ecclesiastical, if enjoyed by entities, bodies or ecclesiastical people (such as a male or female monastery, a canonical chapter, a parish priest, etc.), or lay people.

The only real battle for the Giuspatronato made by Rosario Salerno in Sant’Agnello

It seems strange but it was not the Carottesi who fought the main battles for the Giuspatronato, but the pitched battle took place in Sant’Agnello with appeals that reached Rome and the Pope, but to no avail. To make it was Rosario Salerno, perhaps the only one who came to the legal means, but was practically left almost alone. The reality is that the Bishop will hardly give up and that for the churches that have the Giuspatronato there will no longer be parish priests, because they cannot be appointed by the Bishop but elected, but only administrators.