Vatican celebrates Pope Francis’ birthday: Bergoglio turns 83 today

Vatican celebrates Pope Francis’ birthday: Bergoglio turns 83 today

On December 17, 1936 Pope Francis was born in Buenos Aires, who today celebrates 83 years of age. No celebration in particular, although it is not excluded that he can have lunch with the homeless in Rome, as has already happened in past years. Sergio Mattarella’s greetings: “Pope Francis’ incessant pastoral activity continues to urge peoples and nations to overcome divisions, to preserve peace, to engage in dialogue”.

Vatican celebrates Pope Francis birthday Bergoglio turns 83 today

Pope Francis turns 83 today. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was in fact born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 17, 1936 from a family of Piedmontese origin and in Vatican there is great excitement for this event, which falls a few days after another important anniversary for the Pope, that of 50 years of priestly ordination, which was remembered in all the churches of Rome last Sunday. In reality, the Holy Father does not like celebrations very much, he will only blow out the candles on the cake prepared as usual by the pastry chef of Santa Martaso he will spend the day today working as always ea pray. In years past, she had spent her birthday having lunch with the homeless of the capital and it is not excluded that it will do so again this year. On the other hand, his life has always been a life at the service of the last and the less well-off.

Pope Francis and love for the poorest

After being ordained a priest on December 13, 1969, in 1973 he made his perpetual profession in the Jesuits. In May of 1992 Pope John Paul II he appointed him titular bishop of Auca and auxiliary of Buenos Aires, where he was promoted in 1997 to coadjutor archbishop. Appointed again cardinal in 2001, he is finally elected Pope on March 13, 2013 in the aftermath of Ratzinger’s resignation, becoming the first pope originally from Latin America. He has always paid great attention to the people who live in company margins, so much so as to affirm that the power of the Pope must be service, especially to the poorest, the weakest and the smallest. Among the most well-known episodes that saw him as protagonist, remember the visit in 2001 to a hospital in Buenos Aires, where he wanted to wash and kiss the feet at twelve sufferers of AIDS, criticizing the indifference of society towards the sick and the poor. Speaking at the hearing at the National Association of Elderly Workers yesterday, he said referring to his peers that ” elderly people they are dreamers, but dreams full of memory, not empty, vain, like those of certain advertisements; the dreams of the elderly are steeped in memory, and therefore fundamental for the journey of the young “.

Best wishes from Mattarella: “Urges to preserve peace”

Many are the messages of good wishes received by Pope Francis from well-known personalities and institutions. Among the first, there is the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellawho wrote: “Pope Francis’ incessant pastoral activity continues to urge peoples and nations to overcome divisions, to preserve the peaceto engage in dialogue and deepen the reasons of the other, to protect the planet by wisely managing its resources “.

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The docu-film on Pope Francis is coming to the cinema

In these days a docu-film dedicated to him and entitled “Our Pope“. The feature film, rich in archive images from the Istituto Luce, tells the story of the Bergoglio family. The author and her biographer, Tiziana Lupihas collected impressions and stories in Argentina from those who have known Francis since he was a boy, to the point of drawing a sensitive and attentive portrait, able to make the viewer understand why the theme of migration is always at the center of his preaching.