Beautiful community moment with the “San Vito Community Positano” award given to catechists

Beautiful community moment with the “San Vito Community Positano” award given to catechists

Positano. This morning, at the end of the Holy Mass at 11.00, the acknowledgments for the tenth edition of the “San Vito Community Positano” award, a recognition assigned in recent years to all people who have distinguished themselves for their civic, ecclesial, welfare, cultural and health care.

After the world of school, this year the award was given to those who, with passion and commitment, spread the good news of the Gospel by making Jesus known to the children who are preparing to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Just last year Pope Francis established the ministry of the catechist, they recall that the catechist is at the same time a witness of the faith, teacher and mystagogue, companion and pedagogue, who instructs in the name of the Church. An identity that only through prayer, study, and direct participation in the life of the community can develop with coherence and responsibility.

Therefore, this year the “San Vito Community Positano” award takes on a pastoral dimension aimed above all at supporting and encouraging that service which is not always recognized and appreciated but which forms hearts.
We entrust the catechists, our young people, and the boys to Mary, the spiritual teacher, to our patron Saint Vitus, so that they can experience the good life of the Gospel.

The catechists received the “San Vito Community Positano” award: Gemma Fiorentino, Maria Chiara Di Martino, Adriana Parlato, Angela Mascolo, Beatrice Cinque, Colomba De Martino, Giovanna Caso, Giovanna Coppola, Lucia Iovine, Luciana De Martino, Maria Amendola, Mariangela Marrone, Marianna Di Martino, Stefania Lauretano, Maria Rosaria Sorrenti , Giuseppina Marrone.