Piano di Sorrento, the procession of Sant’Antonio is back in San Liborio. The emotion in the words of Luigi Iaccarino

Piano di Sorrento, the procession of Sant’Antonio is back in San Liborio. The emotion in the words of Luigi Iaccarino

Piano di Sorrento. Monday 13 June in a fraction of San Liborio many took part in the celebrations in honor of the patron saint Sant’Antonio. After two years of forced detention due to the pandemic, the statue of the Saint returned to walk the streets of the Carottese hamlet in a procession accompanied by the faithful and in the light of torches.

A moment of great intensity that transpires from the post of Luigi Iaccarinowhich has always been linked to this small church and the historic district of Piano di Sorrento: «A confidence to my Saint. We took you on our streets asking our men, young people with eyes full of will to live and adults with the wrinkles of time and life experience, to lend us their strength, their backs, their dedication for a path of reflection and involvement.

We did it with a sense of great responsibility and above all taken within a thoughtful examination of conscience, developed following a strong message and proposed aloud in our Piazzetta, with the firmness and conviction of those who want to give voice to your teachings. , to your thoughts, your choices, making the static nature of your being a statue, venerated and respected, a message of conversion and true awareness of what it means to be a Christian.

At the invitation not to follow you, if not ready to change my life, immediately, a cold shiver took my back with the fear that your statue could remain stationary in the Piazzetta, but the people, taken by a feeling of sincere participation, mindful of many stories told about your life, enticed by the memory of your miracles, your sermons to the fish, your hug to the Holy Child, your 13 graces a day, started once again with the new desire to approach our God through your person, your example, your being man of goodness and holiness and it also started with the promise of a commitment.

Help us Antonio, saint of our ancestors, of our prayers, of our farmhouse, of our contradictions, of our inconsistency to look inside us, to put our life back on track trying as much as possible to incarnate it according to an evangelical logic and attentive to Christian morality.

Meanwhile, our prayer, perhaps a little bigoted, reaches you copiously from the windows of our houses, the tears of an old woman they bathe her womb and evaporate as a thank you for having once again been able to see you, even if only through a glance at your statue, in her courtyard, feeling, in the simplicity of her thought, once again visited.

Come down, blessing, among the orchards and gardens, some still cultivated with a great sense of belonging to the earth, others a little covered by the neglect of time and brambles; at the pink sunset of this feast day you pass between our houses and from a door decorated with hydrangeas and fresh ivy the sigh of a mother rises to you for a weight that grips the heart, reaches your ears that you whisper to the heart of God, which you clasp to your chest. Our journey continues fast through the paved alleys and seems to bring a breath of celebration … sensations, and emotions due to the ancient passion of our hearts.

You are a saint, Anthony of Padua, and you immediately understand our contradictions of life and faith, excuse our distortions that are still revealed, and forgive our contradictions, which the spontaneity of our being does not even try to hide. Now more than ever, prompted by a convincing voice and a strong and consistent warning, we are committed to living our experience of faith better because our heart has decided to follow you with the commitment to know better your teachings that speak only of God.

… And so that at the recitation of our Rosary you return to your home, in this one Ancient chapel full of stories of life and overflowing with prayers, new and ancient, where from your niche you will be a continuous warning to implement a commitment taken before an evening departure, which saw you make a journey with us in the hearts … and the last touches of the bell mark the end of this going and the beginning of another departure …
In the meantime, we want you a great good, Saint of our people ».

Piano di Sorrento, the procession of Sant'Antonio is back in San Liborio. The emotion in the words of Luigi Iaccarino