Positano celebrations and the procession of the patron saint San Vito finally in attendance

Positano celebrations and the procession of the patron saint San Vito are finally in attendance

Positano the celebrations and the procession of the patron saint San Vito finally in the presence Positano became more beautiful to solemnly celebrate the patron saint San Vito finally according to the customs and traditions after two years of forced detention due to the pandemic.

Positanonews, the daily newspaper of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula, has worthily honored the Patron by following this morning with videos and photos of the blessing of the dogs, we thank Peppe Di Martino, then the mass, and tonight the procession live, Rosario Cuomo also explains the tradition porters, all Vito, then the authorities and institutions with the people.

The parish priest and the celebrations committee addressed the faithful in this way: «Our community is summoned in its synodal dimension to remember in faith San Vito Martire, Patron Saint of Positano. After the time of the pandemic, during which we experienced his heavenly patronage, with the resumption of the feast we wish to thank the Lord first of all and, above all, to commit ourselves so that the example of the Holy Martyr will help us to grow as a community of faith, hope and charity. . May the Lord pour out his copious blessings on everyone. Good and holy feast ».

Procession of San Vito patron saint of Positano

We wish all the Vitus and the locals near and far on this day the pearl of the Amalfi Coast celebrates its patron saint but also an extraordinary tourist and economic rebirth.

Positano Piazza Gioia

Here is the program:

Wednesday 15 June – Feast of San Vito Martire Patron of Positano

San Vito Positano bust

– 7.30 – 9.30: Holy Masses
– 11.00: Solemn Eucharistic Celebration – “San Vito Community” Award
– 12.00: in Piazza Flavio Gioia Blessing of dogs
– 7.00 pm: Solemn Eucharistic Celebration and Procession with the venerated reliquary bust of San Vito
– 10.00 pm: in Piazza Flavio Gioia Aonna ‘o mare “Lo Guarracino and other stories” between the songs of the author and the tarantula
– 11.30 pm: Fireworks show performed by the Pyrotechnics Guadagno.
The suggestive lighting is managed by the Donnarumma firm.
The party will be enlivened by the Award Winning Band Concert “Città di Minori” which will pass through the streets of Positano announcing the party and inviting everyone to spend a happy day.

Positano is preparing to celebrate the patron saint San Vito according to tradition after two years of pandemic