Solemnity of Corpus Domini 2022, the Parish of Mortora is dressed in flowers

Solemnity of Corpus Domini 2022, the Parish of Mortora is dressed in flowers

Piano di Sorrento (NA) Sunday 19 June at 19:00 on the occasion of the solemnity of Corpus Domini, Holy Mass will be celebrated in the parish court of Mortora, adjacent to the church of Santa Maria di Galatea, with a collection in favor of the interventions of charity of the Vincentian volunteer, will follow the ritual Corpus Domini procession with the monstrance, whose itinerary will involve the following city streets: via S. Andrea, via Delle Acacia, via Legittimo, via Mortora San Liborio, Corso Italia, Piazza Cota, via Casa Rosa, via dei Tigli, via Stazione and via San Michele with a conclusion at the Basilica of San Michele Arcangelo.

We will finally return to celebrate one of the main solemnities of the liturgical year of the Catholic Church, the “Corpus Domini” or “Corpus Christi” (in English-speaking and Spanish countries) in the presence, and wanting to emphasize its exceptional nature, beauty, and emotion, citizens are invited to embellish the path with flowers, flower petals, and blankets embroidered on the balconies, as well as from an ancient tradition born in the Vatican basilica in 1625 by Benedetto Drei, head of the Vatican Floreria, and his son Pietro, who used leafy and minced flowers to emulation of the works of sacred mosaics.

The introduction of this holiday in the Christian calendar, on the other hand, is due to a woman, Sister Juliana of Cornillon, an Augustinian nun who lived in the first half of the thirteenth century. As a young woman, she had a vision of herself: the Church appeared to her with the appearance of a full moon, but with a dark spot, indicating the lack of a holiday.

In 1208 she had another vision, but this time Christ himself would appear to her, who asked her to do her best to establish the feast of the Blessed Sacrament, revive the faith of the faithful, and atone for the sins committed against the sacrament of the Eucharist. From 1222, the year in which she had been appointed prioress of the convent of Mont Cornillon, she sought advice from the major theologians and ecclesiastics of the time to ask for the institution of the festival.

She also wrote a petition to Hughes de Saint-Cher, to the archdeacon of Liège, Jacques Pantaléon (future Urban IV) and to Roberto de Thourotte, bishop of Liège. It was precisely the nun’s initiative and insistent requests that, in 1246, Roberto de Thourotte convened a council and ordered, starting from the following year, the celebration of the feast of Corpus Domini. At the time, the bishops had in fact the faculty to institute holidays within their dioceses.

Generic June 2022